TechniQuest is a wonderful place.  Here are some pictures of past science exhibits and the enjoyment of learning that they have brought to so many. My visit to Techniquest was awesome, and I have some memories of it to share.

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Significance of Conducting Exhibitions in Schools

-exhibition astronomy
exhibition schoolMost schools have the habit of organizing exhibitions with the kids presenting various models. Sometimes, the kids even present them. Astronomy, geography or math exhibits according to the things that they have learn in their classes. It is important for the faculties to support the kids in presenting something that they have learned in the most beautiful manner. There are certain benefits of organizing such exhibitions in schools. Students get a platform to show what they have learned and what they are good at, as well.


Apply What they Learn

Science exhibition
In an exhibition, students get a chance to apply or do the practical aspect of the things that they have learned from the classroom. These are real opportunities for the kids to easily implement the things that they have learn from schools. There are many students who always try to implement the things that they learn and they find these platforms of exhibitions a great way to showcase what and all that they have tried. It is always good to give the students a chance for implementing the things that they have learned and also to apply their ideas and present things differently in their own unique way.


Being Creative

Science exhibition2For preparing science exhibits, astronomy, math and geography exhibits, kids need to make the best use of their creativity. It is not enough to just tell or write what they know, but it is essential for the kids to present what they know in the best possible way. Being creative and doing things should be promoted so that kids can use their capabilities and skills in such a way to choose the best method to represent the things that they have learn. It is always good if the kids spend some time for the purpose of making the things in such a great way possible.


A Good Platform

The school exhibition that is held in most of the schools is a great platform for the kids to do things. It is always essential for the schools to organize exhibitions and such kind of events where the kids get some chance for showcasing their talents. This is a good way to find out the talented ones who are there in the school and also to open a platform for the kids to show their talents. It is not enough for the kids to learn the lessons from the textbooks, but they should be given adequate space and time for letting the inner talents get a platform to be showcased.


Get Confidence to Speak

speak exhibit
When an exhibition is held in a school, the kids need to explain about what they are presenting. This is really a great chance for the kids to speak well. In most cases, the students need to explain to the faculties, their fellow students, judges and may also need to explain to people who come from outside to see the exhibition. This can help in boosting their skills in speaking and thus their confidence. There are chances for them to get that well.