TechniQuest is a wonderful place.  Here are some pictures of past science exhibits and the enjoyment of learning that they have brought to so many. My visit to Techniquest was awesome, and I have some memories of it to share.

Located in Cardiff Bay,



There is no doubt that informal learning is one of the best ways in which a person can learn while at the same time have some fun and adventure. That is why you will find people especially the youth frequenting educational centers such as museums, exhibitions, science & technological establishments etc. It is because it is both a time for learning as well as some time for recreation, fun & socializing.


Tyler Tyler
Maybe schools should be thinking of visiting the moon.

Derek Derek
I bet there’s a lot to learn there that is not taught in schools.

Megan Megan
Maybe a visit to hell too would be much bad for you guys .


museum amusement parkJust fathom for a moment how great learning could be when you benefit from educational material without having to adhere to a pre-planned structure or stringent instructions, policies and rules from anyone but you are left free to adventure, have fun, socialize and at the end capture what you feel is the most essential and beneficial to you. Even if there are some rules which may apply the educational program which involves recreational learning and development will have no strict conventions as it is the case of formal education which is normally applied in educational institutions.

Derek Derek
At the end of all this, there are no jobs.

Hector Hector
I’m also not sure what this site is advocating for anyway.


Thus at the end of the whole experience when you visit any informal learning center as is the case of museum or a center such as…… you end up with a renewed sense of enjoyment & fun, a modicum of social awareness, elevated confidence & motivation, increased personal qualities & skills and broadened scope & horizons as well as renewed energy levels as a result of good health. This is all because of the personal ability to assert some control & responsibility while learning which increases individual sensitivity and co-operation among other learners in your company.

Brittany Brittany
If Isaac Newton was just sitting in class reading books and not under a tree, he would not have discovered anything about gravity.

Levi Levi
Stop giving me an heart attack.


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