The Long Wait

Six_Flags_Magic_Mountain_ViperOutdoor activities are every person’s fantasy though I must admit that humans are often limited by finances and that’s why some of us don’t make frequent visits to places like amusement parks. This has also been my position for quite a long time. If I can recall, the last time that we visited such a place together as a family was 4 years when I was 9. Not that my parents were much busy, but we were constrained by lack of money; that is what happens when you live a hand-to-mouth lifestyle. With the mortgage and other bills mounting pressure on us, there was little that I could expect.

Therefore, last spring when my dad broke the news that he had some substantial savings to enable us go for a family tour during summer, my kid sister and I were more than excited. I now had the opportunity to be like other boys- have some summer memories to share back at school. This meant that I had to carefully do my maths and prepare adequately for the whole expedition, despite the fact that dad didn’t’ disclose the exact place that we would go holidaying. For mum, she didn’t see anything to be excited at all. I wish I knew why, but maybe life had disappointed her because at times she acted as if depressed. Maybe the expectations she had about my dad didn’t materialize but she wouldn’t quit because of us. Whatever the reason was, I wouldn’t be happy if she decided not to go with us. Whatever her lame excuse would be, I was set to fight it.

Anyway, the good news, was that we would be finally going for a vacation; he bad, I didn’t have a camera to capture all those fun moments and I wasn’t sure dad would spend a dime to hire one.

The Six Flags

six flagsWhen time arrived, we flew from New Mexico, our humble abode, to Los Angeles’ Six Flags Magic Mountain. Everything there especially the roller coasters are all whatever dime we spend there. The two-day holiday was one of its kinds.

The first day we spent riding and having fun from one coaster to the next. I was glad mum and come, although together with dad, they missed most of the fun as they preferred to stay on the ground. My kid sis and I had the day and by evening we were all to exhausted that we took early dinner at the motel where we were staying and left our parents to enjoy the evening.

Goliath_at_Six_Flags_Magic_Mountain_(first_drop)The following day, we spend most of it taking photos with a camera that dad had at last decided to buy as part of the holidaying. We mostly stayed on the ground enjoying the ambiance and serenity of the Hollywood neighboring. That doesn’t mean that we missed a chance to have fun. There were some coasters that we had not tried the previous day and they were waiting for us. There was no way we would waste a rare opportunity like this to have fun, when it would take time to come around again. Needless to say that I made a friend whom I met there. Made I should have made too but there wasn’t that time.

By evening that day, I had a lot of tales to talk about when schools reopen after summer as well as hundreds of photos to fill our apartment. It was time to wait for the reopening of schools.